Friday, August 22, 2014

Patience is Not Only a Virtue...'s become our way of life.

Waiting is hard. Waiting for something you have no idea the time frame on is even harder. We have been in circulation for about 13 days. I know, it's not very long. And don't worry, I'm not going to say I'm tired of waiting for our baby already. But, I think I had this little hope that we'd be one of the lucky ones that gets picked immediately. 

I'm sure everyone who's going through adoption wishes for the same thing. We were so busy getting everything required done before we were in circulation, that it didn't seem like waiting. Now, that we are officially certified adoptive parents, the waiting seems quiet.

Others who've gone through adoption all give the same advice. Continue on with your life. Try and put the adoption in the back of your mind. Keep busy, focus on your partner, don't get bogged down in the waiting. Great advice, but it's not that easy. Everyday I wake up wondering if we'll get the call (or email) that will change our life. I pick up the phone to make sure it's still working, test our email, and check our google analytics. 

This waiting is going to be harder than I thought, but we'll manage. Patience has to become part of our normal routine. Patience has to be a way of life. We have no control over when we'll get picked. We have to trust that our baby is not quite ready for us yet. And that's okay. When you're ready Baby G, we are here, waiting. Patiently.

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