Monday, March 2, 2015

Final Countdown

We are on the FINAL countdown to meeting our son!

We are so full of excitement and nerves. So many feelings that can't even be described...Our main concern right now is making sure we get to Michigan before he's born. It's so hard to know when he'll come. Becca is hanging in there; very uncomfortable and anxious for his birth. It's amazing to see how big she gets each week! She's 39 weeks today and at her appointment this morning, is about 2 cm dilated. If he doesn't come naturally this week, they will deliver him via c-section on Monday, March 9th.

Here is her baby bump photo from last week...

We are packing everything we can ahead of time. Instead of one hospital bag, we have four suitcases, two carry-on's, a car seat, and of course, Miss Petunia Picklebottom. Baby boy's suitcase is the first thing we packed. It was a very special time for us and it felt surreal to fold and pack his tiny clothes. I'm sure he has way more than he'll need, but he has so many cute clothes to wear!
Baby Boy's Suitcase
As I've mentioned before, due to Michigan adoption laws, we have to stay in the county the adoption is filed for approximately two weeks. The two weeks start 48 hours after his birth. So, we will be making Novi (pounced Knov-eye, I've learned) our home for the couple weeks after he's born. J will telecommute for a good part of that time, so he doesn't have to use all his vacation.

Baby boy's nursery is coming together quite nicely. We actually got a lot more done than we thought we would. It's so amazing to go sit in his room and imagine that soon, we'll be rocking our son in the glider. His smaller size clothes are on their little blue hangers, and his bassinet is ready to welcome him when he gets home. Our good friend, Laura gave us her daughter's crib. We just picked it up and assembled it yesterday. Very cool fact - it's the same crib designer/model I had when I was born (except mine was yellow.) Yes, they had cribs back then.
Just a few of his 0-3 clothes (most are packed)
While we have a lot of final touches to do on his nursery, here is a tiny sneak peak of the theme we chose.
Can you guess the theme?
We are so close! We wait for the phone to ring. Given the distance, we are hoping and praying we make it back in time to be there when he's born. We'll do everything in our power to get there.

 Wow! Is it really true that we are finally going to be a mommy and daddy? Pinch me.

 We have wanted this for so long. We have wished for nothing more and we couldn't feel more blessed in our relationship with Becca.

We are going to have a son. We are going to have a family.

We will be complete.

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