Tuesday, April 7, 2015

And Then There Were Three

Dearest Dylan,

How can it be that you've been in this world a month already? On one hand, it doesn't seem possible, and on the other, seems like you've always been with us. I guess in a way, you've have.

You were born on Thursday, March 5 at 3:59pm at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Becca was able to have you naturally, and that made her and us very happy! I flew out to Michigan on Tuesday, March 3 because Becca slipped on some ice and was having trouble walking. I am so glad I went out to you guys, because she could hardly get around on her own. I flew into Chicago and drove to Saint Joseph, and within 10 minutes of being at her house, we were in route to Bronson. There was no way she was going to be able to walk around the next few days, so we needed to get her help.

On my way to meet you!
Her sister, Rachel met us at the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital. They checked you guys out and determined that there was nothing wrong with you, it was her hip causing her pain, so they sent us over the the Emergency Department. Well, much to our dismay, they were of no help. They gave Becca some pain medicine and crutches, and told us to go home. Really? She had to be back for her regular OBGYN appointment the following morning, so luckily, Rachel let us stay with her in Kalamazoo (it was about 3:00am when we left the hospital.)

Upon return to the hospital the next morning, the doctor saw the excruciating pain Becca was in, and decided to admit her and let you come naturally. I immediately got on the phone to your Daddy and said it was time for him to come! He'd just gotten to work,  so he turned around and went home. He flew out of Sacramento at 7:15pm that night and arrived in Kalamazoo (luckily they have an airport that was 15 minutes from the hospital) at 9:30am on Thursday morning. We were so thrilled he made it on time.
Getting Daddy from the Airport
Becca was still not in active labor, so we stopped for a Biggby coffee (Mommy became obsessed with them while we were there) and a bagel. Your Daddy was worried that we were going to miss your birth, but I knew we had some time. While we were gone, they broke Becca's water in hopes of coaxing you out, but you didn't budge. Not long after we got back to the hospital, they gave her Pitocin, a drug that induces labor. And boy, did that get things going!
Us with Becca and Rachel
Her contractions started becoming stronger and more often. It was really hard to see Becca in so much pain, but she was truly brave. As she progressed, they gave her an epidural. I stayed in the room with her and we will never forget the doctor who administered it. He was a crotchety older man, who kept looking at the television while getting the shot ready! We laugh about it now, but we both wanted to punch him at the time.

Not too long after that, one of the nurses came in to see how far Becca was dilated and said it was time!!! I started crying, because I could not believe how close we were to meeting you. The midwife came in and Becca started pushing. After a couple pushes, one of the nurses came over and asked if I would like to deliver my son! I was beyond shocked and took my place by the midwife. We saw your little head peeking out a couple times, and after a big push, your head came out! The midwife told me to grab your head and pull you. Well, not wanting to hurt you, I gingerly tugged on your tiny head. And she told me, "You're going to have to pull a lot harder than that!"

I gave a big pull and out you came!! It was a moment I will never forget. It was like a dream. I held you up and knew right away that you were just perfect. The midwife waited a few minutes and then told Daddy it was time to cut your umbilical cord. Daddy placed my hand on his, and we cut it together. Immediately after that, they placed you directly on my chest (I had a hospital gown on) and I just held you. I could feel your heart beat and I remember crying and telling you how long we've been waiting for you.
You're HERE!
Cutting your umbilical cord
Words cannot describe my happiness
Absolute Perfection!
So handsome!
We have a son!
Daddy and Dylan bonding time
After a short time, they took us across the hall to have some private time with you. The nurse weighed and measured you; 7 pounds, 15.5 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Your Daddy had some skin-to-skin time with you after that. Soon, the Doctor came in and took your vitals. You were deemed totally healthy. Another nurse came in and she let us help give you your first bath.

Not very happy being weighed
After we gave you a bath...
All clean and just beautiful 
So hungry after such a big day
We were able to stay in a room with you at the hospital. The staff at Bronson were amazing and took such good care of all of us. I remember after we were settled in our room, Daddy went to the car to get our bags, and I just held you and took this selfie. I will remember this moment as long as I live.  My heart was so full and for the first time in a long time, I felt completely at peace.
Pure peace and happiness
I will tell you about our hospital stay and time in Michigan soon. There's so much to tell you! I just want you to know how very proud and blessed I am to be your Mommy. You are so beautiful and you've already filled our life with a love we didn't know existed. You have changed so much in this first month and while it's fascinating to watch you grow, I don't want you to grow too fast. Our favorite place to be with each other, is you on my chest. I think it's because that's where you first went. It's safe and you know it's where you belong. I already love being your mom and our life together is just beginning. I love you with all my heart!<3

Welcome to the world. Welcome home!


  1. Enjoy your son! He is so special and so is the birthmom! We adopted in 1980 and it was much like yours. Then 1983, 1985, 1987 we adopted! Three boys and one daughter! Now I am a foster mom to babies! Loved your story! Jan

  2. Absolutely bawling my eyes out! what am amazing experience! Congratulations on your little boy!!!