About Us

Welcome! We are Shannon and Jonathan (Shan and J) and we are delighted to share our journey through open adoption with you. At the end of our journey (whenever that may be,) our biggest wish will be fulfilled…to be parents!

It would take many pages to fill you in on our story, but here is the short version. J and I met in 1998 in Manhattan Beach, California. We were in a social group that played beach volleyball and became casual friends. At a Sunday night BBQ, we were picking out CD’s and shared our first kiss to Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” J asked me out on a date and we were inseparable after that.We dated five years before J proposed.

Our engagement story is one of my favorites! We went to a Bed and Breakfast in Julian, CA for the weekend. We used to travel to B&B’s quite often, so I didn’t have any idea what was in store.A carriage ride was included in our stay, so we brought our champagne and enjoyed a beautiful ride through the countryside. I remember thinking that J was anxious; he kept looking at his watch. When the horse turned around at the half waypoint, J got down on one knee and with beautiful and heartfelt words, asked me to be his wife! I cried and I think screamed because I scared the horse (Teacup.)

We were married a little over a year later in Fallbrook, CA at Pala MesaResort. We really wanted a place where guests could stay and enjoy the weekend and Pala Mesa was the perfect location! We went back a year ago for our nine-year anniversary. It was as romantic and picturesque as we remembered.

Wanting to get out of Southern California, we moved to Folsom, CA in 2005. My dad and stepmom lived in the area already (my mom and stepdad now live up here too!) and we thought it would be the ideal place to raise a family. I am from Danville, CA and love Nor Cal. J is from Puerto Rico, and while he never spent any time in northern California, he loves it.

We started trying to get pregnant in late 2006. After trying on our own for about six months, I tried Clomid and when that was unsuccessful, we were referred to Northern California Fertility Center (NCFC.) My Reproductive Endocrinologist was amazing and to this day, remains one of my favorite doctors. With NCFC, we did three intrauterine inseminations (IUI) and unfortunately, they didn’t work.

We had to make a choice at that point – move to the next step of in vitro fertilization (IVF) or look into adoption. We both have always been very open to the idea of adoption. When I was about seven, I remember saying that I would adopt someday, so we chose the adoption path.

Before settling on open adoption, we tried foster-to-adopt and did not have a good experience. That was just further proof that our path was to adopt a newborn or infant through open adoption.

Honestly, for us, the decision to adopt was an easy one. It doesn’t matter that our child will grow inside another mom; what matters is that they are already growing in our hearts. As you get to know us, you will see how much love we both have to give a child. Our road to our child is not an easy one, but we know that the old adage holds true…some of the best things in life are worth waiting for!